What Should You Get for a Monthly Website Maintenance Fee?

The Low Down

We are often asked why one should pay for website maintenance fee. So we decided to share a few reasons on our blog to help you get a better idea of what you are paying for and what you should actually be getting. A website maintenance plan is one of the most important addition to your website. Simply getting a website doesn’t get the job done. It is easy to think that once a website is complete all online worries will disappear. However, that is not the case. After getting your website, in just three or four months, parts of it begin to look a little outdated, and rightly so. But just looking outdated is probably the least of your worries.

You see, the internet is constantly evolving. From new coding to browsers constantly updating their system for security purposes and many other reasons. If we lived in the cavemen days of the internet where a simple HTML website did the job, much of this wouldn’t be a big deal. And even then there were many compatibility issues. Now-a-days we live in a world where content is key, and providing new content to your site visitors is essential to maintain a healthy online relationship. So, websites are no longer built with just HTML and CSS. Building websites now require a proper and manageable content management system (CMS).

A CMS is also referred to as the back-end of your site. This is because it is only seen by the person or persons managing the website. At G7 Studios we create websites with many different systems depending on the job, however, one of the most popular is an award winning CMS called WordPress. WordPress is an open system built and maintained by various people throughout the world. Keyword: Maintained. This means that WordPress is often updated to add new features as well as security updates and browser compatibility.

Security Updates

According to a Forbes article, 30,000 web sites get hacked daily and are used to spread malicious code.

Browser Compatibility

Browsers are the programs used to view websites on the internet. Eg. Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari etc.


Search Engine Optimization is a service, not a one time product, that requires research and development to be implemented into your site periodically.

Security Updates

Making sure that your website’s CMS is updated is very important to make sure it doesn’t get hacked and suddenly your entire website disappears and loads up as a very inappropriate site which will definitely throw off your visitors. Security updates is also incredibly important if you own an eCommerce site where personal transactions should be kept private.


Browser Compatibility

When Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. decide that they would like to update their browser, it is up to your web designer to make sure your site loads properly and appears correctly on all or at least the most popular browsers. That is if you are in fact paying at least a basic monthly service fee.


Content Updates

Keeping your website updated with new content not only builds constant communication with your clients and site vistors, but also tells search engines like Google and Bing that you are an active business. New content also helps your site appear more on search results. One way to provide new content is with a blog or a news section where you can inform your visitors of the latest on your company. With a blog you can share informative content to keep your readers on your site longer. This is considered part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website maintenance fees include SEO service, you should be seeing new pages or blog posts at least monthly to make sure your money is being well spent.

We often hear of companies paying for SEO services and never see an update on their site. One particular company told us they were paying almost $800 a month for SEO and maintenance. As soon as we heard that we knew they weren’t getting anything for their money. This is because when we had checked their site it looked like it was made in the late 90’s. Plus, they didn’t have at least a news or blog section where new content would tell search engines anything else related to their company besides the original pages created.

At G7 Studios we provide a scheduled list of services when you sign up for a maintenance plan with us. We also maintain constant communication to ensure any content created is approved and up to your expectations.


Design Updates

One major downfall on most websites is keeping their site looking fresh. Many times monthly service plans do not include at least seasonal updates to give visitors something new to look at. While new website content is essential, websites also fall under the category of graphic design. Meaning, websites should also be graphically appealing. An easy way to understand this is to visit your favorite brand’s site every so often and see how they update their site with new information, not only in writing but with new graphics as well. Our basic website maintenance fees include seasonal updates which give your site a generally new look every season. We prepare graphics in advance to get our clients opinions and approval and have them ready just in time for the new season.


These are just a few things that should be updated and included when paying for website maintenance. While it may seem obvious, many companies are paying loads of money for website maintenance and are getting absolutely nothing in return. We take this a bit personal, as we seek to provide honest and quality service to all of our customers. If you have an questions regarding website maintenance and updates feel free to leave a comment below.

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