Reaching your target audience with your product and/or service proves much easier online. Having an online store exposes your business to 2,000,000 online consumers located down the street, over a couple states, or across the globe. Even though you may not think your product or service can be sold via online store, think again–every kind of consumer is out there and yours is waiting for you online! With online stores, you also save on set-up and operational costs. Rather than paying thousands of dollars a month for a brick and mortar location, in addition to overhead fees, reinvest that money into your business to drive traffic to your online store and increase your bottom line!



Another benefit to having an online store is the ease of managing your products. With an online store set up for you by G7 Studios, keep track of inventory and reduce order-processing costs. Experts here at G7 Studios will determine the right kind of online store based on your business needs.



Should your business require an online store, G7 Studios helps clients understand the benefits of embedding an online payment system into your website. Compared to the antiquated method of contacting sellers directly and paying using cash or check, online payment systems transfer money and conduct purchases over the Internet with debit and credit cards. Today’s buyers are all about speed, efficiency, and convenience—and the same is true for sellers. With online payment systems, receive money faster since card payments clear faster than checks. Streamline accounting with online statements that even automatically convert foreign currencies. Minimize lost sale opportunities by offering the option to “buy now” rather than run the risk of your customer spending the money elsewhere. G7 Studios will integrate the right payment system into your online store, replacing the feeling of “I want that” to “I got that.”