In this digital age, websites are windows to the world where your consumer can view all that you have to offer. Maximize your exposure and narrow the global gaps with G7 Studios and our web design team. We work with an award-winning content management system (CMS) that is constantly evolving to keep businesses of any size–from small organizations to large fortune 500 companies–on the frontier of the world’s emerging social lifestyle. Effortlessly update website content to give your clients the latest information regarding your business. Seamlessly change the look and feel of your site without compromising content. We work with you to create designs that are fashionable and functional.



All information is inputted via private backend login and stored. Entry can only be gained using an authorize username and password. This guarantees the safety and privacy of your business. G7 Studios offers the option for clients to have entry to their CMS through a private backend login. Should you choose to be more directly involved with the maintenance of your website, the private backend login is the door through which this is possible. This feature allows you to gain behind-the-scenes access, much like a backstage pass. Rather than waiting for simple changes to be made or additional content to be added to your site, take initiative and make the changes or add the content independently.



Being in control of your website has never been easier than with G7 Studios. After logging in through your private backend login, you are transported into the world of your website where you make all the rules. As privacy is of utmost importance, determine security and authorization levels of other backend users to specify allowances and restrictions. Not only privacy, but your information, as well, can be managed here. Store content you are not ready to display online safely, behind-the-scenes, in your CMS. Should there be any questions or concerns regarding the management of your website, G7 Studios is always there to serve with stellar customer service. These services, plus more, make working with G7 Studios a rewarding experience.