Posters are the perfect media avenue for products and services that need to catch your audience at eye-level. It’s a source of visual excitement, a buzz generator. G7 Studios has mastered the art of combining text and graphics to convey your message without forgetting the main point of a poster: to clearly tell you audience what they need to know now.

Poster designs are flexible and translatable, allowing your brand to keep its look and feel when used for other means of communications such as emails, handbills, postcards and more. We work to serve and an enticing and convincing poster is what G7 Studios will deliver.


Make Your Ads Clear

G7 Studios creates unity through the use of white space, type and color. Despite its name, white space is not necessarily white. White space (sometimes called negative space) refers to any area not covered by a design element such as a picture, a word, or even just a letter. White space guides the eye and makes other components stand out. Too much and your viewer’s eye will wander. Too little and the result is confusion.

This is why G7 Studios creates clearcut poster designs. We strive to make your point of sales successful.