Banana King

After many years of having their first flash based website, Banana King Corporation decided to renew their online presence. G7 Studios was chosen to provide a new look that would maintain their style while meeting current web standards and features. G7 Studios has created a scale-able website for a growing corporation with locations throughout North Jersey and New York. With their new website, Banana King can now present new locations easily, and add menu items on the fly.

As Banana King Corp. begins to venture into a franchise establishment, they are now able to receive applications from interested business owners and review information more rapidly. They have also expanded their employment application process through their new website by accepting applications online and are able to provide employment to a broader range of areas.

At G7 Studios, we’ve worked closely with Banana King Corp. to understand their key needs and created a site that not only has updated their online presence into the current social web environment but have also simplified their communications process.


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